Supercharge Your Online Brand in 3 Weeks

Distribution is the factor that all individuals are competing for. Learn to build an online audience and leverage it as a competitive advantage.

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Is Maker's Mark right for you?

Build a network of powerful peers and mentors

Are you afraid of landing among a pile of cold emails never to be opened again? Master the frameworks of how to ensure responses from your cold outreach, build up a personal CRM and create lasting relationships with peers and mentors.

Start Your Build in Public Journey

Being fully transparent about a new endeavor, without control over the potential response, is frightening. Yet, cultivating insightful feedback and a supportive fanbase is an outsized reward. Learn alongside a group of insightful peers the roadmap to effectively build in public and cultivate an online community.

Get traction on your projects and products​

Your latest online product flopped because you could not get enough viewers. You wasted hundreds of hours but failed to create traction. Learn how to leverage Twitter as a distribution vector for future products and MVPs so you never post into the void again. 

What Makers Mark Alumni are saying

“Joining Maker’s Mark was one of the best decisions I made for my startup, Heartbeat. In just 2 weeks, Brandon & Aadit helped me grow from 300 to 900 followers, turn Twitter into a steady source for sales leads (+20/week) and get 2 offers from well-known investors.”

— Murtaza Mambot (@MurtazaMambot), Founder of (Pre-Seed)

“I was a Twitter lurker for a really long time. Brandon and Aadit deconstructed how to start on your journey of building an audience. 

During the course I composed by first ever Twitter thread. Over the 3 weeks I went from 250 followers to over 1000 by leveraging the lessons learnt in Makers mark. If you have been sitting on the sidelines like I was, use Makers mark to start your journey!”

— Siddharth Mohan (@siddharthm83), Founder of (Series A)

 “I never understood the power of audience building until I joined Makers Mark. As a Founder in Tech I believe that audience building is the future. Not just because you can build an audience for your product, but because of the mentors, partners and hires you can find from that audience. Makers Mark gave me the roadmap to capture that value.”

— Parshawn Beheshtian (@parshawn17), Founder of Howefeelin (Pre-seed)

“Maker’s Mark is a must for anyone trying to build an audience on Twitter. Aadit and Brandon teach you how to design an audience-build system you can repeat over and over. The principles, strategies, and tactics you learn in this course will last you a lifetime. And you’ll meet awesome people, too!”

— Jake Belford (@jakejaybee), Creator, Content Design School

Cohort-Based Courses: A New Type of Online Course

  • Powered by Maven: Co-founded by Gagan Biyani and Wes Kao, Maker’s Mark will be hosted on Maven, a new platform for cohort-based courses started by the founders of Udemy, altMBA and Socratic.

  • Active Learning, not Passive Watching:  Each live session will contain an exercise to ensure students are applying lessons so that they begin building habits around audience building and content creation.

  • Learn with a Cohort of Peers: You’ll learn with other makers looking to launch and build distribution for their own projects and content.

  • Accountability and Feedback: You’ll be paired in intimate co-working pods that will meet once a week, as well as working to establish 1:1 connections between Brandon and Aadit.

Learn the frameworks to build a growing audience

The biggest mistake people make is to become discouraged after one failed content post into the void.

Yet. It is also totally understandable. The early content creation journey is lonely and the most rewarding aspect about building in public are the rapid feedback loops.

Through Maker’s Mark, you will not only learn the frameworks that will allow you to find your community and audience.

Maker's Mark Cohort #2 Curriculum Overview

99% of the world are consumers. 1% are creators. Guess what? Creators rule the world.

During the first live session of Maker’s Mark, we cover how to take full advantage of the program:

  • Shift into a “creator’s mindset”
  • Meet your accountability pod and fellow creators
  • Build your north start worksheet that you refer back to every week

An engaged audience is the most powerful resource in the modern age – they provide fast feedback loops, endless opportunities and increases your surface area for serendipity. We actively help you grow a Twitter following alongside another high-leverage content channel of your choice (newsletter, podcast, Youtube, blog, etc.)

In this session, we will cover:

  • Twitter 0 → 1
  • Writing Content that Resonates
  • Conquering the Algorithm for Inputs and Outputs

What you’ll learn about our networking frameworks is that we network less, and befriend more.

Too many people “get to business” too soon. Our approach to networking is to play the long-term game with long-term people.

One key way we have succeeded in meeting our role models is the “Permissionless Progress” concept. We go in-depth into how this give-first mentality did wonders for our projects and personal growth.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Cultivating Community
  • Cold Email/DM Principles (with personalized templates)
  • Permissionless Progress

In school, you were programmed to write long essays and eloquent novels. In the real world, you want: concise, simple language that delivers stories that get people hooked. Learn writing frameworks that can help you build a network, unlock opportunities and drive sales.

In this session, we will cover:

  • Words and frameworks that convert.
  • The habits of a results-driven writer.
  • The key to grabbing attention (most important resource in the digital age)

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.” – James Clear

The key to growing an online audience is consistency. The bane of most online creators is inconsistency. Building a content flywheel creates a system that reduces the friction to create, using tools like Readwise, Instapaper, and Matter to help you remix and resurface content.

In this session, we will cover:

  • The power of remixing ideas
  • Making creation a habit not a hobby
  • The application stack that powers consistent content production

Hang out with 4 millionaires, you’ll be the fifth. Hang out with 4 content creators, you’ll be the fifth.

Just like any skill, financial investments, or Naval’s ideas:

Rewards from this journey compound. To reap the benefits, you have to play the long-term game.

In this session, we will cover:

  • How to never run out of ideas
  • How to reset your creative buds
  • Habits of a sustainable content creator

Ready to start creating?

You're a few steps away from virality

“Aadit and Brandon are two of the fastest-growing Twitter creators out there. I love their consistency, ability to demystify complex topics into shareworthy tweets and their give-first nature in lifting many other creators on Twitter.

As someone who spotted them at a super early stage (~100 followers), I’m both impressed and proud of their explosive growth!”

— KP (@thisiskp_), No-Code Program Director @ On Deck

It’s been awe-inspiring to watch how Brandon and Aadit have catapulted their careers using social media.

They’ve used it to find mentors and peers, build distribution and iterate on projects. Proud to host their CBC, Maker’s Mark, on Maven!

— Gagan Biyani (@gaganbiyani), Co-Founder @ Maven, Udemy

“The internet was invented for people like Aadit Sheth and Brandon Zhang. They embody and apply every principle of the new economy, from creating value without permission to building a reputation online.

Through their every action in today’s digital age, Aadit and Brandon are teaching a masterclass on learning and growth.”

— Justin (@jmikolay), Instructor @ 10x Creator Course

“Building an audience is an incredibly powerful tool to supercharge your network, learn to write persuasively, and see new trends before others.

Aadit and Brandon are two rising stars on Twitter and well suited to teach you the basics of audience building and content creation.”

— Chris Hladczuk (@chrishlad), Investment Banking Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aadit Sheth


Aadit is a classic example of one that went from an internet lurker to a creator. He inspires others to start writing online and create content around what they are curious about.

Aadit grew his Twitter audience from 0 ➔ 20k followers in less than 1 year and shares growth tactics through Twitter threads and his Notion products.

Aadit has used Twitter as a distribution platform for his products and services (free and paid) that have brought in over $1000s

Brandon Zhang


Through leveraging Twitter, Brandon joined the On Deck Marketing/Growth team to own Twitter and LinkedIn and take marketing projects from 0 → 1.

Connecting initially through cold outreach, Brandon also works closely as an apprentice to Jack Butcher at Visualize Value. Supporting Jack in projects including the VV community and The Permissionless Apprentice.”

Brandon Zhang hosted the Brandon Zhang show (45 episodes, 50,000 downloads), a weekly podcast exploring how amazing creators are leveraging the internet to build audiences, foster growth, and generate wealth (guests included James Clear, Anthony Pompliano and Ana Lorena Fabrega)

Supercharge Your Online
Brand in 3 Weeks